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Fecha: 13.12.2012

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Fecha: 18.09.2012

Autor: Sergio Arredondo

Asunto: Weekly activity for Intermediate 1 Montes Urales

Hey dear students!! today we were reviewing present perfect and present perfect continous and I could notice that this is a little confusing for some of you. what if we start by doing an excercise? please write 5 questions using each structure for tomorrow and I will correct them and then we can practice.Have a great day!!!!!

(ulises, Dany, Eric, Evelin R. , Alejandra, Iraís, Glory )

Fecha: 25.09.2012

Autor: Alejandra Garcia (bunny)

Asunto: 18.09.2012

1: Fernando in what king of projects have you worked this time?
2: Gloria how long have you swum?
3: Marcos how times have you read this book?
4: Teacher how long have you taught english?
5: Kike how many girls have you had in your life?

1:Enrique what have you been drinking?
2: Alejandra how long have you been dancing?
3: Ulises what kind of text have you been writing?
4: -Eric long time no see you, What have you been doing?
5: Benitez you looks fater, What have you been eating?

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